7 STOMPS (Fundraiser)

by Uncivilized



So... in 2017 they found a mother-f****** tumor in my brain. Emergency surgery 5 days later (covered entirely by a $20 ObamaCare plan). Relearn how to walk. Seizure at IKEA. Etcetera, ad infinitum.

I'm back making music—probably better than before because that tumor isn't pushing on my frontal lobe—but I did radiation therapy this fall and I'm on chemo for the next 6 months.

The coronavirus doesn't help.

Somehow I found myself and my little family—wife, two toddlers, dog—marooned in Vermont on doctor’s order.

There's a band up here that has been building a grassroots music community for about thirty years, built almost entirely around their love of improvisation. . . Phish. I went to public high across the river in New Hampshire and their music was everywhere—in an annoying way, but also in a poignant, important way. A lot of that has to do with frontman Trey Anastasio. Trey is the anti-guitar-god of the 90’s whose casual shred is legendary. (Google: “Phish Letterman” for some Trey ‘94 lore.) There’s also a video of Anastasio trading blues rips with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra on NPR’s Live From Hear in 2019.

Trey plays this crazy, custom-made guitar that looks like a cross between a Fender Stratocaster and a violin. No joke. And he runs that thing through all sorts of roaring amps and pedals for a sound that is immediately recognizable, biting, and full of humanity. (Hendrix meets Zappa and a side of Bonnie Raitt.) That sound. . .


I’ve played primarily hollow body jazz guitars of various shapes and sizes since catching the jazz bug from Zappa in high school, but lately I’ve been drawn back to my first electric: a late-90s, Fender Fat-Strat which offers more consistency and can take a heavier attack. I’ve been thinking lately: How do I combine these worlds of pastoral beauty and raw-bone-gnar into one guitar? The search for tone and self-expression is never-ending.

This is probably the worst time to invest a bunch of money in an object. Ditto asking for help to pay for it.

I see it as an investment in my children’s musical education; they can have this “thing” when I’m gone.

Why not? Why wait?


PS the guitar I’ve been designing will feature an “Uncivilized” inlay at the 12th fret, and a super-thick, Wes Montgomery-style body of 3” deep. Trey had a guitar built for his orchestral music with this thicker acoustic-body and paired-down electronics which the Uncivilized model will be based on, and which is featured in the collage artwork for this album . The purchase here will go directly towards the making of this guitar by Paul Languedoc, a fine luthier in Vermont. It also includes 7 “STOMPS” which I send around to band members who are playing Uncivilized gigs (when those were still a thing)—I dare you to find where the phrase of 7 is in each Stomp!


released April 30, 2020

All tracks recorded by Uncivilized Tom in Red Hook, Brooklyn: 2015–2018.


all rights reserved




“Unciv.” — short for “Uncivilized” — is a syndication entity aimed at spreading the word about the music, concepts and action behind “Uncivilized”. What is beyond? info@unciv.org

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